Your Wedding

A wedding would not be the same without flowers. Every bride wants her wedding to be

 memorable and her choice of flowers or arrangements should reflect her specific taste

and personality. Just as there is THE dress, there are THE flowers – for balance, pleasing

look and overall effect. So as much care should be given to choosing them as your dress..

.they bring together all aspects of the celebration.

The most important aspect is your personal choice. Your Silk florist, Marion Ruth is there

to catch YOUR vision and help you to make it a reality. Ask plenty of questions, and also

before your  consultation, gather your ideas from magazines, websites and other re-

sources.    When discussing what you would like,   you will be given the guidance and

advice you need but it is always with your final picture in mind.


When choosing Loveliest Flowers for your wedding,   you will know that your stunning

bouquets will  be as beautiful at the end of the day as they are  when you make your 

promises.      They won't wilt or fade in the heat,  or inclement weather but will remain a
memento of your wedding.     Your flowers can also be gifted to someone special who

perhaps was unable to attend your day and therefore a lasting memory.

Here are some useful tips when considering your flowers:

Determine Your Budget
Instead of asking what will my flowers cost – it is often more useful to decide what portion of your budget you want to spend on them. This gives us a framework from which to make suggestions and create lovely Flowers within your price range. A bouquet can cost as little as 60 Euro or it can cost over 200 – everything is possible with regard to design, specific flowers and complexity of the style, plus the time it takes from catching the vision to opening the box! Whatever you choose, it needs to look as though they were created especially for you. You and your bouquet ARE unique. The price you pay is the price at the time of order. 

Colours and Shapes

Once you have decided on your dress and those of your attendants, you will have set a colour theme – even if it is all white! Remember, Loveliest Flowers in silk are not restricted to seasonal availability, so you can stay in season or have snowdrops in August if that's what you want. However, ordering ahead is vital as stocks of some more popular as well as unusual varieties can take time to arrive in Spain. Again, help is at hand to assist you in choosing from a very wide range of shades and varieties of blooms… Marion Ruth has years of experience in creating and colour matching beautiful bouquets that suit both the person, the dress and the theme of the wedding. There are some basic shapes, of course, but no two bridal bouquets are ever the same – these include but are not limited to Round, Cascade,Sheaf,Crescent,Spray,Handtied andStatement - or Oversize.....

Attendants’ Flowers
These can be a smaller version of the Bride’s bouquet or something quite different which, nevertheless balances and co-ordinates with the overall theme. It doesn't have to be complicated, just planned well. Hair flowers or floral attachments for purses or wrist flowers are among alternatives you may want to consider. Flower girls can have pretty baskets with flowers or petals in and also look delightful with floral head circles...there are many possibilities that can be created in silk flowers that are not possible in fresh flowers. Though the opposite is probably true. 

And ….. The Groom – plus others in the Wedding Party
The groom’s buttonhole/ boutonniere, best man, groomsmen, Mother of the Bride, Father, Granny - and other significant individuals are just as important if not as obvious a feature of the themed wedding. These small but important details can make a difference and are treated with the same care as all other aspects of your wedding flowers.

Church and Reception Flowers

We are happy to discuss all aspects of your venue requirements to hire or purchase floral arrangements, thank yous and other décor or to work closely with your wedding planner or venue personnel.

All requirements will be taken during the free initial consultation, and following this, you will receive all your order information for you to confirm, which is when the order can then start to be processed.

A final word...


Please book as early as you can - your flowers are priced when you order and pay your deposit, they are then reserved for you. Some popular flowers can be out of stock or delayed in arriving in Spain, and of course, Marion Ruth undertakes a limited number of commissions each year.


Don't hesitiate to contact today for your free consultation.