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Here you will find some basic information about what we do and why Loveliest Flowers may be your best choice for artificial flowers for weddings, special events and home décor. So why choose our silk flower creations?

Welcome to Loveliest Flowers

Why Choose Loveliest Flowers?

Why not?..........................

A wide range of flowers. We have access to these in authentic colours and varieties, every bouquet being designed and created by Marion Ruth exclusively for each bride: ordering well in advance and working together ensures that you are completely satisfied with your personalised choice. (See more under Your Wedding)

Whether you want a small posy for a Birthday gift or are planning a flower-filled Wedding Day, 

we hope that you will give us the opportunity to delight and exceed your expectations!

Quality and realistic appearance of artificial flowers and greenery are now so very like their fresh counterparts that, given our expertise, it is often very difficult to tell them apart: indeed, Marion Ruth’s satisfaction is to hear people say “I can't believe they aren't real!” 


Lasting pleasure is also a major factor in choosing silk, whether, in a domestic, business, wedding or celebration setting, they retain their fresh and vibrant look even in very hot or inclement weather. In commercial settings, they can be changed seasonally and designed to compliment the environment. However, silk flowers are not restricted to seasonal availability so the range of varieties is accessible all year round.

Comparative cost. Although prices can vary between fresh and silk depending on supply and supplier, Loveliest Flowers endeavours to give excellence in quality and service and combines exclusivity with value for money. You can expect to pay between £60 to £250 for our personally created and exclusive designed bouquets: attendants from £ all depends on your budget and what goes into your bouquet. Please note - limited or price not an issue - we aim to please!

Hayfever? Those who suffer from hayfever, insects or other related allergies, can enjoy an abundance of blossoms and blooms without the misery attached to their natural counterparts.

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